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We have a range of fishing equipment available to buy from our on-site shop. Click below to find a full list of what we have available. 

top lake

For constant action the Top Lake will produce thrills and enjoyment with a good stock of 5lb to 12lb carp as well as smaller and larger specimens. It’s a great place for a family picnic and to introduce youngsters to angling as regular bites will keep them engaged and interested. Equally the more able may want to stalk the quieter margins with a quill float after one of the 20lb+ specimens.

bottom lake

The Bottom Lake is less densely stocked but specimen carp exceeding 20lb  feature several times a week with the occasional 30lb+ fish appearing to encourage and improve on ones lake PB. The carp vary from commons to mirrors and even the odd leather. As well as carp this specimen lake holds perch (2lb+) roach, pumpkin seeds and on rare occasions the odd eel. In the last few years we have stocked this lake with tench which are now  2-3lb and enough to enjoy on light tackle

Both lakes will reward a variety of angling methods including floating baits. All we ask is that you use barbless hooks and ensure nets and unhooking mats are suitable for purpose as fish care should always be of paramount importance.

Day visitors are permitted to fish on the lakes. Visitors must pay prior to fishing at the Reception/Bar area. 

fishing rules
  • No keep nets allowed.

  • All catches must be released.

  • Fish must not be removed from the lake.

  • Barbless hooks only.

  • 2 rods per person maximun.

Anyone found to not be following the rules will be asked to leave.

If you wish to go off site fishing in France, you are required to obtain a fishing permit from the local fishing tackle shop a short drive away in Montendre.


Marlene Cup 2023

Each year, we hold a very special fishing competition commemorate a lovely lady we lost a few years ago. The Marlene Cup is always a lovely afternoon where participants compete to win the Marlene Cup by trying to catch the most fish on our top lake. There is also a prize for heaviest fish! Well done Del for winning this year's Marlene Cup. 

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