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We like to keep busy and since arriving at Twin Lakes over 3 years ago we haven't stopped. Here are a few of our before and after's. 

Caravan Renovations - January 2020

We spent 4 months renovating 4 mobiles homes on site to make them more modern and to also extend the decking area and cover over to make it a much more useable space. 

caravan before_edited.jpg

Children's Play Area - September 2019

With having two children ourselves, we understand how important it is to parents to create a safe space where they can play.


The Bar & Restaurant - November 2020

When we were locked down over the winter in 2020, we decided that this would be the perfect time to tackle the bar area. 


House - June 2019

Our first job was to build somewhere to live and create a home. 

building work_edited.jpg

The Corner Cabin - June 2021

Once the bar was completely renovated, we had space to create a shop and stock room. 

corner cabin_edited.jpg

 The Bridge - May 2022

A very old, but much loved bridge was in need of some TLC.


The Result

After lots of hard work, the mobile homes were completed only to allow COVID to cancel all holidays. Available now to book!


The Result

We designed and built a plat area attached to the bar that is fully enclosed so the children are well away from the lakes and close to the bar so parents can try to relax while their little ones play. 


The Result

A few months later and endless trips to the DIY store for more wood... we achieved our goal! 


The Result

Our first home in France. 


The Result

The Corner Cabin was opening in June 2021. A small shop selling basic supplies, camping equipment and treats! 


The Result

rA new bridge was created! 


We've also renovated the toilets and showers, built a new kitchen for the chef to work in, re-designed the logo and changed all the signage, re-lined the large swimming pool and re-laid the roads. We still have plans to keep renovating and developing the site but I think we have achieved a lot in 3 years. 

The swimming pool was relined in 2020.

Twin Lakes in colour. 

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